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Tips on keeping your home safe [Guest Post]

Guest post from : The Lock Guy

Home safety needs to be among your top priorities in your house, so here are the first 10 things you ought to do to assist protect your home.

1. Secure the doors.

Approximately 33 percent of burglars get in through the front door. Carry out an evaluation of not only your front door, however all doors around your house. Make sure the frames are strong, the hinges are protected, the wood is not hollow, and, if your door has a mail slot, that someone can’t reach through it to unlock the door. The front door may be a good centerpiece of your home, however do not compromise security for a quite view. If your door does not have a peephole or a deadbolt, you need to install those instantly to help make the door a lot more protected.

2. Lock the windows.

The latches position on windows aren’t constantly effective, and sometimes they’re downright lightweight. Replace them with locks or key-operated levers to assist with intensifying your security. You may likewise think about placing laminated or tempered glass for a more powerful hold. As numerous as 23 percent of home robberies happen through first-story windows, but always remember to secure the basement and second-story windows as well.

3. Purchase a security system.

All homes need to have some form of a security system, whether it’s a basic electronic camera installation or a fully monitored security system. Assess the requirements for your area and select a system you’re comfy with. A few of the basics to think about consist of an alarm, movement sensors for the doors and windows, and smoke detectors.

4. Satisfy the next-door neighbors.

Your neighbors can be a valuable first line of defense versus a home invasion. They know the area and can help watch on your home when you’re away– however they can’t do that if they have no idea of you or if your not in a friendly state. Make an effort to meet your new neighbors and form good relationships so you’ll have individuals to count on. If something fishy is taking place in your location, a good next-door neighbor will call and let you know.

5. Carry out a mock theft.

Now that you’ve made good friends with the next-door neighbors, have one of them walk and through your house to search for things that aren’t secure. Are belongings out in plain sight? Can you see through the drapes into the home? A mock theft can give you terrific insight into locations of your security plan that may require tightening up.

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