Wheel rim fix and protection

How to fix gutter rash on rims

When you are hit with the bad news of a rim damage, you are only left with two options. One is to buy a new one, this might be just too way
expensive. Or you can also choose to repair the badly damaged one. The big challenge in Fixing the gutter rash is, the majority might not know how to.

The good news is, your aluminum rim can be fixed with easy gutter rash repair procedures. To begin the process you will need various grades of sandpaper, from 80, 220 up to 2500. You will also need aluminum polish, eye protection, filtered water and a polishing cloth or a towel.


ONE: Check the Rim If It Has a Protective Coating


Begin by sanding the damaged spot with a rough sandpaper of about 220 grit. Then check the color of the dust generated. If it is white instead of grey, it means the wheel obviously has a clear coating.

The coating must first be removed in order to finally reach the gutter rash. But just in case the rims are not covered, the next procedure should be to smooth the gutter rash.


Wheel rim protection


TWO: Wiping Out the Coating on the Rim


In order to give the rim the same look, with the same texture and color. The clear coat must be wiped out, all around the wheel.

This is done by rubbing the wheel with a 220- grit sandpaper, all around. The coating is only all clear after grey dust appears during the grinding but not white.


THREE: Polish the Gutter


Then take an 80 grit sandpaper and polish the damaged spot over and over again. Until it is smooth.

After the scratches have cleared, furnish the spot with a 400 grit sandpaper, this should not go further than approximately half an inch since the aim is just to ensure that the damaged spot is to blend and match to the rest of the rim.

While doing this, insert some pressure, for the sanding also aims at leveling any other left ridges.

Outward, stroke the rash from the middle then wipe off the dust that has accumulated on the wheel rim with a towel or a soft cloth.


Fix your rims


Four: Refine the Repaired


For this step, you will need a much finer sandpaper grit, of about 2000. Less pressure is to be applied in sanding, the process is also done in a slow motion as the sandpaper is allowed to all over the spot.

The focus is to be put on the edges too in order to polish the surface.

Moisten the sandpaper and then continue polishing the same spot for around five minutes. Then take a 2500 grit sandpaper, and then continue with the process for 2 minutes.

Finally, do wet sanding for 1 minute, take a dry soft cloth or towel and wipe out all metal specks of dust and to also leave the rim dry.


Five: Aluminum Polish

Using a soft cloth, Apply a good amount of aluminum polish in the sanded spot. To ensure the blending, apply the polish a little further, about 1/8 inch away. This would make the entire rim match.

Use a lot of pressure while rubbing until the cloth becomes black. Then fold the cloth and continue rubbing, now with the clean part until the spot shines like the entire part of the wheel.

Remember to take safety measure to avoid metal specks of dust from getting on the tire and also protect the eye from the metal dust. With these easy steps your wheel rim shall have been fixed, and you shall have saved a lot of money.