What is Cinnamon Eats?

‘Delicious & Simple Real Food Recipes’ is what Cinnamon Eats is about.

I love food, I didn’t grow up doing much cooking but when I got married I decided it was time to learn. I started to love (and still do) watching cooking shows and collecting cookbooks. Food became a passion for me and then I found “paleo nutrition” and that opened up a whole new door for me. I love to recreate dishes I grew up eating like and also to create new dishes that are so tasty that you or the people you serve them to won’t even realise that they’re actually good for you!

Here at Cinnamon Eats my aim is to share REAL FOOD. Food that is whole and unprocessed, food that is nutrient-dense, food that nourishes but also equally as importantly tastes delicious! For a long time I was labeling my food as being “paleo” but overtime that word for me has become too convoluted and the original message of “paleo” has been badly misconstrued by many. My aim for this blog is to go back to basics, to share recipes that everyone can access and to show people that letting go of prepackaged processed foods is not scary.

Cooking is a skill that I believe everyone should have and no you don’t have to cook lavish, expensive and fancy meals but knowing how to cook and having go to recipes on hand is, in my opinion extremely important to our health and wellness. This is where Cinnamon Eats can help you! Learning to enjoy cooking and to have recipes that you can fall back on will give you the confidence and ability to make this a sustainable lifestyle.

While I most often share recipes on here, sometimes I share other content related to life and well-being in general since this is about a lifestyle and not a diet.

How Can Cinnamon Eats Help You?

Cinnamon Eats aims to provide you with a variety of recipes that will show you just how easy and delicious REAL FOOD can be! I believe that eating this way should be enjoyable and the foods you eat should be YUM!

In short Cinnamon Eats will help you:

  • – Cook simple and delicious real food meals.
  • – Save you time (a lot of my recipes can be made in bulk and frozen).
  • – Introduce you to new ingredients that you may not have cooked with before.
  • – WOW your family and friends with simple tasty and healthy meals.

How to Connect with Me?

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